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We have been doing web design for a long time. We have been here since the beginning. We have forgotten more web design than most people will ever know. So who are you going to hire? Your sister’s 15-year-old son who just took a web design class in high school? Maybe – if you’re not really serious about your business goals. I made plenty of good looking sites in my early days – but that’s all they were – good looking sites. They never generated any money. That’s because it’s much more than just being able to build a website – there are a lot of other things that have to be taken into consideration for a website to be successful. Here at John Drago Web Design and SEO Services, we take everything into consideration and bring it all together in a cohesive, functional online marketing plan.

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25 Years ago, John Drago Designs started in the city of White Plains. The city started getting too big and overcrowded so we moved to scenic upstate NY back in 2003. Since then we have never moved away from this beautiful area. Located about an hour south of Albany, Red Hook is a small town, full of local small business owners. We specialize in helping these small businesses compete online. Red Hook is nestled between Rhinebeck, Kingston, Poughkeepsie, and the Hudson Valley area. Upstate NY is an agricultural area, filled with local farms, dairies, markets and small Mom & Pop shops. We love being able to work with our neighbors, helping them bring in more business so these communities can thrive. We take pride in our strategies that help these local businesses climb the listings so that they become relevant to visitors looking for their particular service or product.

Are you in the area? Give us a call and we will come and visit you at your place of business. We will get to know you and your plans and we will come up with ideas that will work for you. Just because you live in a small town doesn’t mean you can’t compete with the big city businesses. With our professional web design and SEO services, you too can start selling your particular product or service to the masses – or at least your local neighbors!

What’s it all about?

No, I’m asking you – what’s it all about? Your website? Is it a blog, where you write articles every day on a niche subject to a select audience? Is it an online store where you sell your own products and ship them out? Or maybe dropshipping is your thing. That’s the first thing we have to make concrete. Who you are and what are your intentions.

Next, we have to figure out who your target audience is. This may be the most important part of the entire process. If you don’t know who your target audience is – how will you sell to them? How will you advertise to them? How will you even find them? Or better yet – how will they find you? Which brings me to the next section:


This section is my opinion, but remember, I’ve been doing this for 25 years. Google and Facebook are money eating machines – and basically, that’s it. Advertising on these platforms is not something you do “on the side” as well as web design – no. To be anywhere near successful in these arenas you must have at least a Masters degree in Facebookology and GoogleMathAnalytics.

I have seen companies pour thousands of dollars into boosting posts on FB, FB Campaigns and Google pay-per-click. I have seen the money spiral in that special it does way right before it disappears down the crapper to never be seen again. And God forbid you start a campaign and forget to enter an ending date or it slips your mind? Then you go back 3 days later to find you’re already $167 in the hole with only 1 new share, and 2 new likes to show for it?

So my advice? Don’t do it – unless you have that Masters degree on the wall. Or can afford to hire someone who does it for a living. What we really need to concentrate on is:

Organic Results

Organic results: When someone types in a search term for whatever you sell/blog or service, and you come up on page one of Google without having to pay Google one red cent. Get it?

That’s what we will strive for here John Drago Web Design and SEO Services. You need to come up in organic results. Our entire outlook on the web design creative process is how to get you there. We build it right into your site. Page Load speeds, correctly placed “H” tags, Link structure, word count, minifying Javascript, and CSS – all these things and much more need to be in place for your new website to start competing. Let’s start with:

Web Design and SEO Services

Responsive Web Design Red Hook

That’s our specialty. Our designers were those kids in school that were always drawing and doodling – and getting A’s in art class. We live for design. Have you noticed that a lot of websites are starting to look the same? This is due to the overuse of templates that some web design agencies use exclusively – churning out the same, outdated designs over and over.

Not with John Drago Web Design and SEO Services. Every one of our designs is 100% custom created for you and your business. You will be with us all the way as we work in a collaborative way – giving you access to the staging area we will be building your site in. We work together to get the exact design you are looking for. You will watch step-by-step as we build sections, menus, and pages – making sure that each is to your liking before we move on.

We use a variety of hi-res custom images, pixel-perfect structure, fluid design for responsive layouts all coming together to take your site to the next level – and by the next level, we mean:

Getting Rankings

Having the most awesome website the universe has ever seen means nothing if NOBODY SEES IT! Like I said in the beginning – I built a lot of beautiful websites – but none of them did a thing. That is until I started building not only what looked good to me but what looked good to Google. You notice I only mention Google. That because that’s the only one there is.  Yes, I know – what about Bing? Yahoo?  What about them? There is only Google – so let’s concentrate on making Google happy.

We will give you everything you need to achieve good rankings – but getting the #1 spot on Google is not guaranteed – anyone who offers this promise to you is pulling your chain. Oh, it’s possible, but you have to remember the old saying: There is nothing new under the sun. After working on the internet for over 25 years I can tell you that there’s never been a truer statement. There are going to be other people out there, perhaps in your very city, selling, blogging or servicing the very same thing that you are. It’s amazing. So instead of the first spot – let’s concentrate on the first page. That gives us 10 chances to win!


In Conclusion

Haven’t made up your mind yet? We understand. Take a look at some of our sample sites at Divi Ready Themes. All designs were made by us. You’ll see how different from the norm your website experience can be. John Drago Web Design and SEO Services know how to make you stand out.  With our white-hat proven Search Engine Optimization techniques, we will make sure that people see your site. We are a full-service digital marketing company with a history of getting top results. Our goal as is to create, maintain, and grow successful Search Engine Marketing strategies, to make sure you and your business succeed.

Give us a call today, or send us an email. Let’s talk about your project. Better yet, let’s discuss your future business goals and how we can help you to get there. Remember, it’s not all about a pretty website – but you’re going to get one anyway!

Thank you from John Drago Web Design and SEO Services.





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