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Laura Hawthorne

One of my favorite clients, Laura Hawthorne is a Christian motivational speaker as well as a Singer/Songwriter. Laura needed a website where she could promote herself and her music – which is exactly what I gave her. From the beautiful photos, music videos and blog, she has kept her audience engaged as well as informed. The site features a radio player jukebox so you can listen to her music. Events calendar so you can see her upcoming shows and a built-in e-commerce section so visitors can purchase her music CDs.

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John’s web services have been nothing but excellent. His capabilities with troubleshooting, navigation and speed with his building a website have superceeded all previous web masters I have ever worked with in the past. You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with John on your website!

Laura Hawthorne

Singer, Songwriter and Motivational Speaker, Livin' In His Love Ministries


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