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Adiant Mobile GPS Products

Adiant Mobile, a GPS products company, needed to boost their online sales. They had a separate store that visitors were redirected to when they wanted to make a purchase. Visitors don’t like to be redirected to a completely different site when making a purchase. I incorporated a WooCommerce solution where customers could see the products and purchase them from the main website. I overhauled the entire site making it much more content rich. I integrated a sign-up option that tied in seamlessly with a Constant Contact account – allowing them to grow their email list for weekly blasts on new products and sales.

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John is amazing. He comes back with fantastic work no matter what you throw at him. He took our online store from doing $0 sales to over $4K a month in only 3 months. He knows all the different social platforms and how to make them work. Together with his creative style using WordPress he gave us exactly what we were looking for. Thanks for your help John! Vincent Dispigno

President and CEO, Adiant Mobile, Inc.


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